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The conventional key-based access control system is a straightforward process. However, there are greater chances of security threat to this well-known system which is severe for any organization. A key can be duplicated rather quickly, and it can compromise the firm's security. And there comes the insurance risk due to key loss as well. On the other hand, with a combination lock, there can be a security compromise due to widespread knowledge of the combination.

Access control solutions in Oman offer a centralized and integrated system that addresses every drawback of the conventional method. It adds an additional layer of security and monitoring functionality, where the admin can control the accessibility of their staff based on role and position, remotely. Access control systems in Oman are a great way to grant restricted access in your firm and achieve total control over its security. And, there will be no more unauthorized strangers taking a stroll over a place that they are not meant to be.

Sidab is a leading security solution provider who specializes in delivering the best access control in Oman. We use the state of the art security systems and integrate it with modern networking to transform your access control system into an enterprise-level solution. No matter how big or small your business is, we are your one-stop solution to ensure your firm's security. We come with more than six years of experience and an impeccable track record with 100% customer satisfaction in delivering access control solutions in Oman.

Our priority is to develop solutions that address your security needs, which is why our processes are very flexible and adaptable. We deploy different solutions, such as wireless ACS, centralized ACS, biometric and integrated ACS, or even flap doors and RFID fobs, based on your requirements. Our services use the latest technology to guarantee maximum efficiency, and outstanding customer support, making us one of the best provider of access control systems in Oman.


Office access control systems in Oman offer cutting-edge security solutions integrated into your organization for maximum safety and reliable management. With it, there are no more worries about lost keys and unauthorized access. An integrated security system offers robust telecommunications to enhance the movement control of your firm’s personnel, along with tracking capabilities. Remote access control in Oman features the centralized ACS management of different properties from a single location, making the entire system much flexible and more comfortable to operate. Another advantage of using fire alarm access control in Oman is its programmability to switch to emergency mode with few clicks that facilitate movement without having to open every door manually during an evacuation.

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Offer cutting-edge security solutions.

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Provide maximum safety and reliable management.

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Provide robust telecommunications.


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Remote access control.


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Centralized Access Control

Centralized access control solutions in Oman

Centralized access control solutions in Oman offer flexible and efficient control over the access permissions for your company staff. It is very convenient for the administrator and the personnel alike. Furthermore, the cost of installation and maintenance is far less than the conventional key access setup, which had severe security risks. And, it offers scalability and integrity as your business grows, providing absolute adaptability.

Wireless Access Control

Wireless Access Control

As a leading access control supplier in Oman, we have integrated security solutions that pack the latest wireless technology to make your ACS free from cables. It gives your office space an elegant look and feel. The wireless architecture is integrated with the door where your employees can authenticate using biometric or RFID cards based on your requirements.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

Enhance the security of your organization by opting for biometric authentication from the best fingerprint access control systems in Oman supplier. Biometric ACS offers maximum security as each employee is granted access based on their fingerprint rather than a card, which can be easily lost and can be used by another employee. It is an excellent way to attain total security with effortless manageability.

Access Control with Flap
Barrier/Swing Gates

Access Control with Flap

Our access control systems in Oman offer restricted access and movement with flap barrier or swing gates, the ones you see in airports and railway station. When your employees authenticate themselves using RFID or other access solution, the gate will swing open, allowing them to pass. Flip barriers are very easy to install and cost very little in maintenance as well, which is why it is an excellent choice for smaller organizations.

Integrated Access Control

Integrated access control solutions in Oman

Integrated access control solutions in Oman offer complete control over the internal and external security solutions, including intrusion detection systems, CCTVs, fire alarms, and other elements that deliver the multi-layered security system. It is the most efficient and seamless way to manage and operate the database and system functionality to ensure the safety of your firm.

cards and Fobs

RFID cards and fobs

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID cards and fobs are passive or active elements used to authenticate your employees. Access control systems in Oman use passive cards or fobs which are activated by the reader’s signal and transmits the unique ID engraved on its chip, thus authenticating the personnel. It is handy in smaller firms as the overall expense for setting it up, and maintenance is lesser.



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