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Al Sidab Leader Limited Partnership was established in 2014 with a motive to serve and meet the needs of IT and Security systems as an automation company in Oman. And to this day, we are proud to be one of the top companies in the league. We are one of only authorized distributors of eSSL in the Middle East for Complete Security Products and Solutions, Security Systems, CCTV, Fingerprint Attendance Devices, Access devices, etc. Providing the best services and meeting high standards in the industry, we have made our name visible and successful in our niche.

Affordable Prices

We value our clients the most and we strive to provide the best we can to every customer we come across.

24/7 Customer Support

We are always on track to help and assist our customers. We provide you with the right guidance and instructions in making a safer place for you.

Experienced Technicians

Our technical team is highly specialized and has expert knowledge of what they handle. Therefore we can assure you the best quality services.


Al Sidab Leader Limited Partnership has its mission deep-rooted with a motive of aiding each house, office, or industry with the best services they look up to us. We push ourselves to put in our best when it comes to assisting each client and providing them unparalleled services that too at reasonable and fair prices.


Al Sidab Leader Limited Partnership’s long-term vision is to build a safe and secure environment for people around Oman. Leading a safe and secure life is a fundamental requirement and we will work to fulfill that vision.


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Al Sidab Leader Limited Partnership can be your most trusted partner when it comes to setting up the best automation solutions n your residential homes or commercial buildings. We make all the efforts to ensure a seamless security system that shall bridge every gap within system failures, making it completely failproof and responsive.

Al Sidab Leader Limited Partnership was established in 2014 to address the security gaps inside your IT infrastructure and provide top-class service to make the system fail proof. We offer comprehensive security products and solutions for our clients with cutting edge techniques so that your data and network is never compromised. We continually streamline our services and workflow to suit your demands and surprise you with the modest price in the industry.

Our comprehensive security solutions are built and aided with top-notch technology and are perfectly installed and executed to cause no loss of data.

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